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How Often to Water Succulents in Winter

Regular Succulents grow the most during the spring and summer. Once fall rolls around the plants like to take a break. During their fall/winter dormant period, watering should be reduced. 

I located in Massachusetts, where is super cold in the winter. I have no choice to keep my plants inside the greenhouse. I only water them when I feel they are dry to prevent the roots from dying off. This can range between once every couple weeks and once every couple months. 

However, there's one kind of succulents needing a different care - Greenovia. 

Greenovia will close in summer and reopen in or after fall when the weather gets cool. They close in summer because they almost stop growing. At that point, they only need water once every couple weeks or once every couple months. When they open, they start to grow. I always water them when the top surface of soil is dry when they start growing. 

A lot of customers ask me how to take care of the succulents when they receive from me. That's similar to repot. After three days shipping, the old roots or the wound caused by the taking out from the soil almost dry out. Put into the dry soil, the plants will grow new root. If you don't water it in the first week, the plant will grow new root faster because they want to survive. They need longer and stronger root to absorb the water in the air. When you water them after they grow new roots, they will drink a lot for storage of another time of drought. 

The last thing is all the succulents need a gritty potting and a well-drained pot. Good soil, a good soaking, and good drainage equals happy plants. 

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