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Recently we found there are some people slander us in some of the facebook groups. We keep the privacy for those kinds of people and don’t tell anyone who are they. Now we quit those groups and block those kinds of people from us. There are three questions they mentioned:

(1) They said we’re not selling the plant in the pictures. Now we declare we’re definitely selling the plant in the picture. The plant in the picture will be the one you are going to buy. Sometimes we will have more than one plant in stock. We will mention it out if we randomly pick.

(2) They said all of our plants are tissue culture. We do have some of baby plants are tissue culture. If you hope to know the one you like to buy whether is TC, ask us and we will be honest to you. Please don’t use our price to determine whether they are TC. We’re succulent lovers. We just want to sell our plants with reasonable price to all the succulent lovers. We appreciate if you feel our plants are worth than more, but we will keep our goal to sell plants with reasonable price.

(3) Please don’t use negative feedback to threaten us. If you feel unsatisfied with our plants, we offer 10-day warranty for free exchange or return. At the very beginning of our business, one of the buyer from ebay use negative feedback to threaten us one year ago. We gave her refund and let her keep the plants. Now she said we’re lying to her and sold the wrong plants to her, and she post it in the public and told everyone that we’re liars. She said she asked her friend, her friend said I'm right. She still didn't believe it. I stop fighting with her and quit the group. I just want to tell everyone in here, if you don’t trust me, you won’t trust whatever I say. Don’t take my kindness as your weapon to me. The only thing I can do is to be honest to everyone and offer the best plants to everyone.

Thank you and welcome to VEGBABY!

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